What is the Bernoulli Society?

 The statistical Bernoulli Society is part of the ISI and was formed in 1975. The main purpose of this society from the mathematical statistics and probability point of view is to promote the progress of mathematical statistics, stochastic processes, probability and of the various applications to the world which increase the welfare and natural knowledge of humanity. The society also has members 1000 members from 70 countries and has also made arrangements with other societies to directly increase the participation. These societies include the International Statistical Institute, which is one of the oldest associates in the modern world, and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. Anybody who joins the Bernoulli Society will receive many benefits and they also offer many kinds of membership plans.

The society also participates in many scientific publications and with other strategic associates with scientific societies and other commercial publishers. It is also always looking for decisions and negotiations that are favorable to the society and that have reasonable conditions in its overall publications for the members. Additionally, one of the main activities of the society is to sponsor or organize many international meetings that have relevance to probability, stochastic processes and mathematical statistics and their uses to the world. These meetings are usually held in affiliation with the Bernoulli Society and other subject and professional societies. Members of the Bernoulli Society can receive a reduced registration fee for these conferences.

The society is also run by a council and an committee. There are also several other committees for administrative activities, the advancement and development of various areas in probability theory, stochastic processes, mathematical statistics and their overall applications, and they also provide support to the different activities that help advance the cooperation with various regions. The two sponsored publications of the society include an Elsevier journal called the SPA and the Bernoulli Journal. Both of the editorial members of these journals is made up by Bernoulli Society participants. Additionally, the Bernoulli Society has access to many other scientific publications including Probability Surveys, Statistics Surveys, Electronic Journal of Statistics, Electronics Communications in Probability and many more publications.  d.

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