Which is the best car insurance?

The best car insurance policy, like the best motor, is a personal matter. What is important is the best one for YOU. Much depends on your own situation; whilst, for a woman looking for very cheap car insurance, www.womenscheapcarinsurance.org.uk may be an excellent choice, that would be no use to a male with security and reliability as his main criteria. For him a long established insurer such as Aviva could be ideal.

Whilst the highest score in a "Top Insurer" poll is a good recommendation there may be other excellent, high quality policies from leading insurers that better meet your needs. By making the most of this site you may not only save a great deal of money but find superior benefits too.

What makes a better insurance policy?

Price: You won't want to pay too much but cheap insurance is rarely the bargain it seems. Beware of hidden extras and remember that the cheapest insurers often attract the most complaints.

Value for money: Decide on your main priorities. Don't pay for benefits you won't need (such as paying an extra £600 for comprehensive cover for a car which is only worth £500!) but scrimping on those that are important to you can be poor economy

Service: the better insurers have expert, well trained and efficient staff, are friendly and are easy to contact and have excellent after-service.

Claims handling: A top insurance company will handle claims quickly in a superb and competent manner, making it a more pleasant experiencefor the client.

How to find a first class insurer

1) Decide which security you actually need. If mobility is important to you you a guaranteed courtesy car in the event of an accident may be vital, if you have a particularly valuable vehicle a specialist insurer could be your top choice, or if you have a cheap car and are short of money an inexpensive, no-frills policy may be a more satisfactory alternative.

2) Look around for prices using a high quality price comparison service which will not only let you compare prices but also the benefits you will receive.

3) Check the policy details (a good price comparison service will have them easily available) to make sure that you are getting all the advantages you need.

4) Check your chosen insurer's reputation online by googling the insurer's name and adding the word 'reviews'. A first class resource is the Autoexpress top car insurer survey at http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/65567/best-car-insurance-companies-2013-to-2014

Follow the above guidelines and you have an excellent chance of finding the very best financial protection for you, and your car.

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